Custom design and craftsmanship that enhances both the beauty and value of new and remodeled homes.

Bronzie Design and Build is passionate about custom home design. We incorporate careful craftsmanship, open and collaborative client communication, and innovative building solutions that enhance both the beauty and value of a home—whether from ground-up or transformational remodels.

Founded and led by Jim Bronzie, he began at an early age in a career of home design and construction. Originally from St. Clair, Michigan, he purposefully honed and developed his craft while working for a major commercial contractor in Colorado. Ultimately Jim followed his passion for custom homes to Cincinnati’s many history-rich, character-filled neighborhoods.

A collective of experienced and innovative artisans. 

Over years of creative and meticulous renovations, Bronzie Design and Build has evolved into a collective of experienced and innovative artisans. We work primarily in Cincinnati's Hyde Park market where street after street of sidewalks connect every wonderful home. We're struck by the turn of a onetime staircase, the bend of a doorway arc, the personality of a breakfast nook tucked into the heart of a kitchen. We're energized by the challenge of honoring the history of a home while updating its story, or beginning breathtaking new stories completely from the ground up.

Today and every day at Bronzie Design and Build, we help our clients design and build custom homes that reflect their personal style of aesthetics and meet their expectation for impeccable quality.