Exceptional high-performance & energy-efficient homes


Imagine living in a comfortable house with no cold drafts, no temperature variations from room to room and virtually no energy bills. It might sound too good to be true, but these conditions are the norm for people who live in a Passive House.


What's Passive House?

"Passive House” is the most energy efficient way of building today. Homes that are built to Passive House standard use 75-90% less energy for heating and cooling than typical buildings and are significantly more comfortable and healthy than most homes. Typical construction is often plagued with the low levels of insulation, air infiltration, and extreme thermal bridging between the interior and exterior of the home. 


A Passive House conserves energy with four basic building-science principles: 

(1) Airtightness  - By creating an air-tight barrier, outside air stays out and conditioned air stays inside the home.

(2) Insulation- Extensive insulation paired with the airtight construction provides unmatched comfort, even in extreme conditions. 

(3) Hight performance materials- We are constantly discovering new technologies to achieve the maximum level of efficiency from every aspect of the home.Triple and even quadruple pane windows and doors signifacntly minimize heat loss and gains. 

(4) Ventilation - A crucial piece to the airtight home.  The energy recovery ventilator (or ERV) pulls fresh, clean air into the home while simultaneously exhausting stale, stagnate air full of allergens. This system also supplements your HVAC system, reducing the need for heating and cooling at a much more efficient rate.   


Bottom line: Passive House building techniques offer a home that provides better quality in health, comfort, energy efficiency, and savings. 


Why build with us?

As the lead builder in Cincinnati pushing for greener building practices, we know the importance of building a home that’s right for your family.  We are trained by the Passive House Institute in the specific skills that are required to bring a Passive House to reality. As Certified Passive Builders, we utilize strict building science principles that far surpass common building techniques. We’ve worked hard to bring together a highly talented team of like-minded people with a passion to build the highest performing and beautiful homes possible, while delivering a home that is perfectly suited to our clients’ lifestyles.